Andrew Evans - Top 10 Films of 2015

fnd mc exmachina

Personally, 2015 has been the best and worst year in film for me. There were the films that I unfortunately missed (Brooklyn, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Diary of a Teenage Girl), and then there were the films that never showed up at my city's footsteps (Turbo Kid, Anomalisa, Room). Luckily, my year was still well-rounded with a great mix of full-blown blockbusters and nearly unseen indies.

There were many fair runners-up, including the intentional B-movie horror-comedy The Final Girls; the near insane, octane driven Mad Max: Fury Road; the nostalgic Star Wars: The Force Awakens; the over-the-top, but intensely inspiring Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation; and the low budget, iPhone shot and common-acted Tangerine.

My Top 10 films of 2015:

1.  Ex Machina

2.  Spotlight

3.  The Revenant

4.  Creed

5.  Slow West

6.  What We Do In The Shadows

7.  Carol

8.  Goodnight Mommy

9.  Tomorrowland

10. The Martian

Ex Machina had every quality of a great film. It featured a breakout director in Alex Garland, and three incredible talents in Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander, and Domhnall Gleeson. The West and the future won in terms of storytelling.  Ex Machina, Tomorrowland, and The Martian were aspiring films. The Revenant and Slow West captured two different aspects of the beautiful West. Creed was the breakout film that gave more nostalgic feedback than any other. Carol and Spotlight were subtle glimpses into complicated time periods. The documentary comedy What We Do In The Shadows featured vampires living in Australia, simply going about their night-to-night lives. Goodnight Mommy was the king of unsettling horror. All these films were gorgeous in their own way. All directed with so much love and desire. All of them opposite ends of the Hollywood spectrum. All of them the best of 2015.

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