Judy Thorburn's Top Ten Lists

The year 2020 was like no other; that’s for sure. With the worldwide pandemic affecting everyone and every business including the film industry, so much has changed.

Judy Thorburn's Top 10 Films of 2015

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In a year filled with medicore comedies, dramas and action adventures, the flicks, either fiction or based on a true story, that stood out from the rest as the most memorable for being deeply moving, inspiring and/or thought provoking were the following.  Each and every one deserved to be on my Top Ten List of 2015 and brought to mind why I love movies as much I do.

Here is the list:


Judy Thorburn's Top 10 Films of 2013

When it came to the movie going experience, 2013 was like every other year, in that it was filled with some great movies, and to put it bluntly, some really bad ones.  Recollecting those that stood out as the cream of the crop, the following is my list of the ten best.  I find it interesting that the majority of my choices were based on or inspired by a true story. Although very different in subject matter, each flick featured great performances, unforgettable characters and struck some sort of emotional chord, whether excitement, sympathy, sorrow, anger, or joy.

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The annual trend is that movie studios release what they deem their cream of the crop, or best films towards the end of the year for award considerations because the most recent films are the ones that stick in the mind of voters. Regardless of that fact, earlier in the year several outstanding films were released that were just as worthy and shouldn't be forgotten.  That said, in looking back at all the movies I saw in 2014, the list below reflects the ones that left an indelible impression and stuck with me the most when it came to great storytelling, performances, and emotional impact.

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I love all kinds of movies, in every genre, as long as they are finely acted, well done and hit some sort of chord with me. That said, true life, suspenseful covert operations, intense dramas, a delicate subject matter, magical fantasy adventures, charming comedy dramas, and harrowing stories of survival, make up what you will find in my eclectic list of best films for 2012.