Will Smith


    So we were trying to go in with an open mind, but ever since "Alice in Wonderland" Disney has been going live-action reboot crazy. Cinderella was okay, Beauty & the Beast was good, The Jungle Book was great, but I think we forget this goes all the way back to 101 Dalmations in '96 with Glenn Close.

    The Reel Crew gives you our thoughts on this Special Look for "Aladdin" and yes, we talk about the Genie.

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  • It's amazing the lengths that Will is willing to go to(hehe willing) in order to be Emancipated from Jada......get it it's an Oscar slap joke.

    Will Smith's first role post slap is the definition of Oscar bait, but is it perhaps actually good?

    Check out our review for Emancipation!

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