Lily James

  • What if you could become the Popstar you always dreamed of becoming, but it wasn't on your own merit; it was off the backs of one of the greatest groups in music? That's the question this movie attempts to(kind of) answer.

    Directed by Danny Boyle(Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, 28 Days Later) Himesh Patel makes his feature film debut starring as Jack Malik, a struggling Musician who's dying to become successful in his craft. When all of the lights in the world go out for 12 seconds, he gets a Golden Opportunity to ascend to the top of pop music by passing off Beatles songs as his own; but can he handle the weight of being a mere pretender to the throne of The Beatles?

    Co-Starring Lily James & Kate McKinnon, check out our review for Yesterday!

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